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Is your logo dragging down your website?

Author: Craig Reardon on 9 January 2012

In an attempt to keep costs down, many smaller business operators often scrimp on important assets. And a professional logo or "corporate ID" is a regular casualty of such frugality. Unfortunately though, it’s also something of a false economy. Because your savings on scrimping on a professional logo are nothing compared to the business you are losing due to a poor professional image. Logos are yet another indicator of the professionalism of your business. And if the logo is either poorly executed or non-existent, it reduces your business to a "backyarder" or worse, amateur.

A critical weapon in your promotional armoury

Brand logos are to promotion what computers are to IT. A fundamental that just can’t be taken for granted or overlooked. In many ways, professional logos are more important to small businesses than their larger counterparts because smaller businesses aren’t as well known as their bigger brothers and sisters, so have to work harder to convince customers to do business with them. And when it comes to your online presence, a good logo becomes even more important. Good web designers look to logos to influence website colour schemes and other visual elements. This approach helps to give your website a distinctive, cohesive appearance and provides an immediate sense of knowing you have come to the right website.

Poor logo = poor website

On the other hand, poor or non existent logos fail to provide this crucial starting point for the web designer. The result is a "generic" looking website that does nothing to enhance the image or credibility of your business – just when you need it most. It’s not rocket science to understand that when it comes to choosing between two businesses similar in every other respect, it’s the one with the professional image, and in turn website, that will win the business. It just imbibes a greater sense of professionalism and in turn trustworthiness – critical in the faceless digital world...

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GA Medical Update

Author: Girius Antanaitis on 19 January 2012

GA Medical expands their Custom Surgical Instrumentation business to include a Digital Design and Artistic Solutions service to the medical industry. Known as Articular, their key focus is to produce unique design and artistic concepts to enhance medical practitioners’ image and their working environments.

Unique to the Australian industry, Articular offers this service targeted predominantly to the Medical Professional – taking account their customers busy lifestyle, demand for the highest of quality and creativity.

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